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No Belgian health insurance fund

Are you a foreign national and not registered with a Belgian health insurance fund?

If so, please read the information below carefully and present the required documents when registering at the hospital. Hospitalisation without the involvement of a health insurance fund or insurance provider may have major financial consequences for you.

Please submit one of the documents below when registering at the hospital.

You are an EU citizen:

  • For a scheduled procedure, you require an S2 form from your healthcare insurance provider in your country.

  • A valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is sufficient for emergency admissions

  • Do you work for the European Commission? 
    If so, you need to provide the hospital with a security deposit. 

More information is available at  

You are not an EU citizen:

A valid guarantee declaration must be submitted to the hospital.

If none of the above documents can be provided, the hospital will request an advance payment to be made of €900 per day or €1,250 for hospitalisation in a private room. This advance payment will be deducted from the amount in the final invoice. You may also transfer the advance payment to account BE35 7364 0303 2337 with the reference 'Advance payment + date of procedure + name of patient'.