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Visiting hours

Visitor and attendant arrangement

We welcome visitors and attendants to our hospital. You are an important support for our patients in consultations and during their admission and stay. Providing patients with the necessary peace and privacy while organising care properly, is necessary.

Therefore, we are happy to make a number of arrangements.

We make a distinction between attendants and visitors. To us, an attendant is someone who accompanies a patient in his care process in a supporting role and who helps take decisions concerning the patient. Any other person is considered a visitor.

Care proxy holders, legal representatives, parents of minor children, guardians and other legally appointed persons are always admitted as they take decisions on behalf of the patient.


Every patient can be accompanied by 1 attendant, both during consultations, and during (day) stays or in the emergency department. For minors, both parents are welcome.

At the stay units, an accompanying person is welcome from 2pm to 8pm.

Within the outpatient hospital, attendants can join the admission interview and accompany the patient again after the surgery or examination. In the meantime, the attendant can go to the waiting room near the cafeteria (route 55).

At the emergency department, the companion can stay with the patient.


Visitors are welcome between 3pm and 7pm. Each patient can receive a maximum of two visitors at the same time.

Arrangements are always made for visits within the intensive care and palliative care service. No visitors are allowed within the outpatient and emergency department, only attendants.

Tips for attendants and visitors

  • Make sure the patient can rest enough and keep visits short
  • Stay near the patient so you can help make decisions on care questions
  • Avoid walking in and out of the room to ensure maximum quietness in the room 
  • Out of respect and to protect privacy, we ask you to leave the room when we are performing care and on doctor's rounds, unless the patient explicitly requests your presence
  • On the wards, no facilities such as food and drink are provided for attendants. You can use our cafeteria (route 55) or the vending machines (route 51) for this purpose