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Arrangements regarding your stay

Our aim is to provide high-quality and safe care to all our patients, at all times. Our employees will always make every effort to achieve this, but you can also contribute to the quality of your own care. We would therefore like to give you some tips and guidelines.

  • Safe care


    It goes without saying that correct identification is of vital importance in a hospital. Therefore, each patient wears a wristband with the correct identification data. Never remove that wristband during your admission. Furthermore, a healthcare worker will always ask you a few identification questions before starting your treatment. Always listen carefully and correct them, if necessary.

    Information about your health status

    Inform our healthcare providers as accurately and completely as possible about your health condition and medication use. You should also actively communicate: tell us what you expect and ask questions about your treatment, if something is unclear or about the medication you receive as a result of your condition.

    Cooperate with the treatment you have consented to

    Your doctor will discuss your care options with you beforehand. At that moment you can ask questions and together with your doctor, you will choose a certain treatment. It is important for your own health that you cooperate well with the treatment you have agreed to. Therefore, follow the advice of each healthcare provider carefully.

    Think of your own comfort

    Choose clothing that is suitable for a hospital stay. Avoid high necklines such as turtlenecks and opt for tops that can be easily opened, such as a button-up blouse. Also keep in mind that your arms should be easy to expose. You will spend a lot of time in bed, so choose comfortable undergarments.

    Maintain good personal hygiene

    We want to prevent the spread of bacteria and thus prevent infections. That is why good hygiene is very important. You can also contribute to this: wash your hands regularly with soap and water and maintain good personal hygiene. Furthermore, there is hand sanitiser in every room and you can regularly disinfect your hands. Fall prevention You too can help prevent falls, for example by wearing comfortable clothing and proper footwear that preferably has a closed toe.

    Notify a nurse when you leave the ward

    This way, our healthcare providers are informed and can offer you help where necessary.

  • Smoking, drugs and alcohol prohibition

    Smoking is strictly prohibited in all patient rooms, common areas and at the entrances of the hospital. If you nevertheless wish to smoke, you can use the covered smoking area in the courtyard. The use of alcohol and drugs is also not allowed.

    People under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry to the hospital.

  • Respect

    We expect all our employees to have respect for our patients and their loved ones. That respect goes both ways.

    • Please show respect for our employees and the infrastructure.
    • We do not tolerate discrimination, aggression or other threats.
    • We ask you to respect all agreements.

    Are you unable to do that? Please notify us promptly.

  • Quiet

    Quiet is an important part of the healing process. So, please maintain it as much as possible.

    Are you staying in a multiple-occupant room? Then we ask you not to play the radio and television too loudly, and after 10 p.m. to switch off the television and not make telephone calls.

  • Privacy
    Please respect the privacy of our employees and other patients. Recording our staff and other people present is prohibited, as is the use of hidden cameras. Afdrukken
  • Pets

    Pets are not allowed, with the exception of service dogs. An official certificate must be presented to the nurse for these animals. In that case, you should make arrangements with family or friends to care for and walk the dog. 


We ask you to respect these agreements. Do you have any questions or concerns? Please speak to our employees in a respectful manner. Verbal or physical aggression will not be tolerated.