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Outpatient admission

Sometimes it is possible that admission, surgery, treatment or examination and discharge can take place on the same day. This usually involves less invasive operations or examinations. In the case of an outpatient admission, you will be admitted on the day of your treatment, surgery or examination and you may leave the hospital later that day.

For some outpatient admissions it is necessary to sign an admission statement. This is used to record your choice of room and the associated supplements – elements that will influence the cost of your stay.

  • Can I be accompanied?

    In the case of an outpatient admission, you may be accompanied by 1 person. Keep in mind that your stay (preparation, surgery and aftercare) as an outpatient at the hospital can easily take 4 hours.

    Inform the person accompanying you about this so that he or she can leave the hospital until you are back in your room, if desired. After your procedure, you or the nurse can contact your helper so that they can join you in your room.

    If desired, your helper can wait in the room we provide for aids (route 54). For a bite to eat or a drink, your helper can visit our cafeteria (route 55) between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Of course, our snack vending machines are also an option, they are open 24/24.