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Arrival and registration

Two working days before your admission, one of our employees will call you after 2 p.m. to inform you of your admission time and room type.

On the day of your admission, it is best to arrive on time at our reception so that your administrative file can be arranged without having to rush.

  • What do I need to bring?
    • Your electronic identity card (for children: Kids-ID or ISI+ card) or valid residence permit
    • The details of your health insurance fund + the forms to be filled out
    • If you have hospitalisation insurance: the details of your hospitalisation insurance + the forms to be filled out
    • The details (name, address and telephone number) of at least 1 contact person and any representation documents
    • The name and address of your GP
    • In the event of an accident at work: the details of your employer, the policy number of your employer, the details of your employer's insurer, the date and time of the accident and the claim file number of the insurer

    Extra items to bring if you live in an EU country other than Belgium:

    • EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or a replacement certificate
    • S2 form (form that enables a person insured by a foreign provider to receive care in Belgium)
    • More information is available here

    Important note: If you are not an EU citizen, you will need a valid guarantee statement, addressed to the hospital.

  • How do I register?


    You should first go to the kiosks in our reception area. The machine will ask you questions and give you further instructions. Once you have received your number, you can take a seat in our waiting area until your number appears on our screens.

    Do you need help with this? Do not hesitate to speak to one of our employees, they will be happy to help you.


    After that, you can register with one of our reception staff. They will go over your admission statement with you. Your room choice will be recorded, among other things, when you sign this.

  • Where do I register?

    At our reception (route 185).


  • What is an admission statement?

    You will need to sign an admission statement for each admission. You always sign two copies: 1 for you and 1 for us. This document is always signed by the patient or the patient's legal representative. The content of an admission statement is prescribed by law. It contains the following elements:

    • Financial information (room supplements, fee supplements, the advance payment and the share of the costs for your stay that you will have to pay)
    • Your choice of room

    A statement of admission is not an official quote. We cannot make an exact calculation of your costs because certain factors cannot be determined in advance. Would you like to know more about the cost of your stay? More information is available here.

    This document is binding. So be sure to read it thoroughly and always ask for clarification if necessary.