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Going home

If possible, your discharge date will already be determined upon admission. Here is some additional information about your discharge.
  • When can I go home?

    Your doctor will decide when you can leave the hospital. Be aware that we strive to keep the length of stay as short as possible, so that you can recover as much as possible at home, in your familiar environment.

    Important note: If you leave the hospital without your doctor's permission, you do so under your own responsibility. You will be asked to sign a statement. In that case, your GP will be informed so that the continuity of your care can be guaranteed.

  • When will my discharge be scheduled?

    For organisational reasons, the moment of discharge is usually planned in the morning, before 11 am. Therefore, discuss your discharge in good time with those close to you and/or an employee of our social service. This way, transport, extra aids, home care or guidance can be provided if necessary.

  • Can I drive home myself after my discharge?

    Discuss with your doctor whether you can go home alone or whether you should be picked up by someone else. There is a kiss & ride zone on our site (in front of route 185) where your helper can park for 15 minutes.


  • Is it okay for me to be home alone after my discharge?

    We advise you not to be alone for the first 24 hours after your discharge. You may need help or care. Do you need assistance with this? Then contact our social service.

  • What documents does my discharge folder contain?

    We ensure that you can leave home well prepared and equipped with the necessary information. That is why you will receive a discharge folder upon your discharge. That folder contains all the information and forms you need for your recovery and further follow-up. It may include:

    • A letter for your doctor. This will also be sent electronically.
    • Any prescriptions for medication or home care (e.g. for physiotherapy).
    • Any documents that have been requested (for example certificates for insurance, incapacity for work…).
  • What if I am going to a residential care centre after my stay?

    We work together with an external patient transport service. The nurses on your ward will discuss with you what needs to be done and contact the patient transport service to schedule an appropriate time for departure. Would you like to know more about this? Then you can contact our patient counselling service.