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Admission with overnight stay

If you need to be admitted, we recommend that you prepare well.

When you register, you will sign your admission statement. This is used to record your choice of room and the associated supplements – elements that affect the cost of your stay.

We are happy to explain more about your stay.

  • What is an admission interview?

    When you arrive at the ward where you will be staying, an admission interview will take place. The reason(s) for your admission, your procedure or treatment, your discharge prognosis, your medication list, etc. will be discussed.

  • How do I communicate my meal preferences?

    You can submit your meal preferences online via mynexuzhealth.

    You will be informed about your meal preferences at the start of your admission. During this conversation you can report that you follow a specific diet and whether you have allergies. A dietician will also visit you on a regular basis during your stay to discuss your meals.

  • Whom should I contact if I need additional support or guidance?
  • Is rooming-in possible?

    In some departments (paediatrics, maternity hospital, neonatology and the palliative care unit) we offer family members the option of staying overnight in a patient's room.

  • What facilities are available in the hospital?


    You can use wireless internet in every room and waiting area. As a patient, you can get online with the network 'HHL-Patiënten' (HHL-Patients). You will have to enter a username and password.

    Username: your patient code (you can find this on your wristband)
    Password: your year of birth


    You can ask reception to use an internal telephone during your stay. They will explain how you can make calls. Each call is automatically added to your final bill.


    Our hospital has a library with more than 1000 books and comics. You can ask a healthcare worker to borrow a book.

    Quiet room

    The roots of our hospital are Christian, but we want to be a hospital where everyone feels welcome. If you need a place to reflect in silence for a while, you can do so in our quiet room.

    Our quiet room is located in building A on the ground floor.